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Technology that promotes happiness

The smallest wearable technology in the world for measuring emotions. The Moodmetric ring measures the autonomous nervous system signals that can be used to understand emotional reactions and improve quality of life.


Optimum components chosen to maximize performance; the most advanced technology that the electronics industry has to offer.


The smartphone app gives you instant feedback on your mood, emotion levels and peaks throughout the day.


The ring will automatically record your emotional levels – check the data when it best suits you.


Simple charging with micro-USB, data transmission over low energy Bluetooth, splash proof design.

NEW! Develop your own app for Moodmetric. Software development kit includes example codes for iOS and Android.


Designed by one of the top jewelry designers in Finland to fit your everyday style.


Skin conductance has been studied for over 100 years. Our measurement data has been proven to be accurate by an external entity.


 Limited amount of rings are now available for immediate delivery. Pick your choice and place your order below.




Emotional stress response types

  • Testimonial
    Hedgehog, Freeze response type

    I am socially a bit shy and reserved. I sometimes miss the opportunity to meet new interesting people or I under-perform in public performances because of my social nervousness. I would like to learn to be more confident and relaxed when meeting new people or while performing in front of an audience.

  • Testimonial
    Rabbit, Flight response type

    I am a bit precautious person and often feel stressed. I am not sure what precisely stresses me. I would like to understand what is the cause of my stress. This would help me in reducing and coping with the small things that cause stress in me in my life - so that I can be more relaxed and enjoy life better.

  • Testimonial
    Dog, Fawn response type

    I am eager to please and I try to keep the atmosphere light. I try to avoid confrontation and conflict as much as possible. When it gets tight I submit to others. Still I don't feel good about myself in situations like that. I would like learn to stand up for myself in constructive way.

  • Testimonial
    Bear, Fight response type

    Sometimes I notice that I can upset people unintentionally because of my primitive self-expression. I understand that it affects the work motivation of others and the overall trust in my work community. I would like increase my emotional intelligence to handle and express my emotional reactions more constructively.

Your intellect may be confused, but your emotions will never lie to you.

Our Team

  • Testimonial

    Niina Venho


    About Niina Venho

    Niina is the juggler in the team that keeps things running by combining ideas, people, vision and reality into a smooth plan. M.Sc. in industrial management and 10 years of experience in electronics operations management ensures she has the right pulse for the job. Niina has worked inside an electronics factory for over six years, sometimes practically beside the production line, so she really knows how the rings will be made. She likes to calm her mind with outdoor activities and building Legos with her children.

  • Testimonial

    Henna Salonius


    About Henna Salonius

    Henna has a researcher background and first got to know Moodmetric through her work. Enthusiastic about how useful the Moodmetric data was to her personally, and how important it proved to be in her study, she was keen to join the team.

    Henna is deeply devoted to user experience and providing the best value to customer. The Moodmetric development from both technology and service point of view are strongly affected by her insights. She finds balance between stress and recovery with kettlebell, yoga and a good night’s sleep.

  • Testimonial

    Henry Rimminen

    Inventor and CTO

    About Henry Rimminen

    Henry is the ingenious inventor of our product. His talent is in embedded systems, sensor algorithms and applied mathematics. He also maintains a keen scientific interest in psychology and neuroscience. With a PhD in electronics and a long history as a researcher, he knows what it takes to develop an idea into a success story. He un-winds through disc golfing and boating.

  • Testimonial

    Petri Ounila

    Engineering Director

    About Petri Ounila

    Petri is one of the best mechanics designers known to mankind; give him a sketch on a napkin and he gives you the materials, tools and cost needed to manufacture the product within a few minutes. M.Sc. in mechanics and over 10 years of practical industrial experience means that our product goes from the drawing table to the customer with optimal quality, cost and speed. He calms his mind by relaxing with friends and family.

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Feel free to give us a call, email or pop in for a cup of coffee – we are happy to talk about the future of emotional intelligence, wearables, collaboration, present current product development stage or show live demos of Moodmetric.

 If you are interested in distributing or reselling Moodmetric – please fill in the Distributor form.

Want to develop your own App based on emotions? Moodmetric SDK now available. Apply for the first limited release.

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