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The Moodmetric ring measures you continuously and gives a clear view on your stress levels on the mobile app. The ring is used through the day and it works as a sleep tracker in the night. Alternatively, you can measure exciting moments in your life, and calming exercises such as mindfulness and meditation. The app is available for free at AppStore.



Technology that promotes wellbeing

The smallest wearable technology measuring stress and recovery real time. The
Moodmetric ring measures the autonomous nervous system signals that can be used to understand
mind and body’s reactions to daily activities and improve quality of life.


The ring will automatically record your stress levels – check the data when it best suits you. Are you calm? The app tells that, too.


The smartphone app gives you instant feedback on your emotional, cognitive and physical stress and recovery throughout the day.


The Moodmetric measurement is robust and accurate. The ring is used for research in psychology and cognitive sciences.

Moodmetric Insights

  • Testimonial
    Mikael, Entrepreneur

    I use Moodmetric to learn how me and my body react to different things, events and tasks. It is interesting to see which meetings or people get me excited or stressed and with whom I am relaxed. I usually recognize stressful situations by myself but Moodmetric has shown me several new situations where my emotional level was much higher than I thought. I for instance learned that holidays' abroad won't necessarily mean that you are relaxed.

  • Testimonial
    Krista, IT professional, mother of three

    I have used the Moodmetric ring now for 2,5 months and I find it helping me in many ways. I have learned to understand my reactions to different situations better. I allow myself to take a nap in the weekends, as I clearly see the positive effect of it. The ring is also an accurate sleep tracker!

  • Testimonial
    Reidar Wasenius, Personal Brainer, BRIIM

    As a Personal Brainer, I was eager to see how the measurements might reflect an increasingly calm mind thanks to BRIIM brain training to improve cognitive skills. I use Moodmetric myself and will now proceed to let client groups use it during their 12 -week brain training programs.
    It seems that people doing brain training can greatly benefit from following physiological measurements on a daily basis. I believe it can empower others to achieve notable results faster, as well.
    Just wearing the ring has made me more self-conscious. For someone who strives to constantly better oneself, strengthened self-consciousness is the very basis on which to gradually build a new improved me.

  • Testimonial
    Eeva, Business Development professional, mother of two

    I am not really keen on measuring anything about myself but while trying out the Moodmetric ring I noticed myself logging into the app several times a day to check how my body reflects the emotions I feel. I noticed the graph went red several times a day but mainly from excitement and not stress. I am an energetic person and get excited about new things easily so the ring kind of confirms the perception I have about myself. It is great that the ring gives immediate feedback in a visible way so I can easily look back and remember the exact moments when those emotions took place.

  • Testimonial
    Niina Immonen, DIrector and mother

    Using Moodmetric has been a lot of fun, and I have also gotten some deep insights on how I react to different kind of situations and people. I understand now what it feels like when my stress level is high. I have learned to plan my days so that I have also moments of lower stress levels during the day. I relax when I work with presentations, reports and studies. I am more stressed when I need to argue, or have tough negotiations. I tend to engage myself strongly and I am often positively excited about my work. One important thing that I have learned is that you also need to recover from positive stress. It is the big picture you have to look at when managing your total stress load. I have also found it very useful to practice lowering stress levels for example between meetings. It only takes a few minutes to balance your mind. It has been interesting to see that being a mom is often much more stressful than your pay job. I warmly recommend Moodmetric to everyone interested in enhancing their own wellbeing.The Moodmetric ring shows you how you react and when you really need to make changes for your own good.

The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another.

Our Team

  • Testimonial

    Niina Venho


    About Niina Venho

    Niina is the juggler in the team that keeps things running by combining ideas, people, vision and reality into a smooth plan. M.Sc. in industrial management and 10 years of experience in electronics operations management ensures she has the right pulse for the job. Niina has worked inside an electronics factory for over six years, sometimes practically beside the production line, so she really knows how the rings will be made. She likes to calm her mind with outdoor activities and building Legos with her children.

  • Testimonial

    Henna Salonius


    About Henna Salonius

    Henna has a researcher background and first got to know Moodmetric through her work. Enthusiastic about how useful the Moodmetric data was to her personally, and how important it proved to be in her study, she was keen to join the team.

    Henna is deeply devoted to user experience and providing the best value to customer. The Moodmetric development from both technology and service point of view are strongly affected by her insights. She finds balance between stress and recovery with kettlebell, yoga and a good night’s sleep.

  • Testimonial

    Henry Rimminen

    Inventor and CTO

    About Henry Rimminen

    Henry is the ingenious inventor of our product. His talent is in embedded systems, sensor algorithms and applied mathematics. He also maintains a keen scientific interest in psychology and neuroscience. With a PhD in electronics and a long history as a researcher, he knows what it takes to develop an idea into a success story. He un-winds through disc golfing and boating.

  • Testimonial

    Jari Jussila


    About Jari Jussila

    Jari, with a Ph.D. in engineering, wants to use the latest methods in data analytics to best understand human behavior. His previous studies include social media, human interaction and knowledge work productivity, which all are of great interest within the Moodmetric team. Jari  rests his mind with family and running/cycling.

  • Testimonial

    Petri Ounila

    Engineering Director

    About Petri Ounila

    Petri is one of the best mechanics designers known to mankind; give him a sketch on a napkin and he gives you the materials, tools and cost needed to manufacture the product within a few minutes. M.Sc. in mechanics and over 10 years of practical industrial experience means that our product goes from the drawing table to the customer with optimal quality, cost and speed. He calms his mind by relaxing with friends and family.

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