Find the balance between work and free time – excitement, stress and recovery are all part of a good life

Stress is a natural reaction to a situation that requires adaptation. Right amount of stress keeps us active, motivated and enthusiastic. Demands of work, family, hobbies and activities summing up to a big load can go unnoticed.  The body does not know whether stress is positive or negative. Recovery is necessary also when things are great!

What can the Moodmetric measurement tell

Below quadrant is a preventive stress management tool in the Moodmetric app. The Moodmetric measurement combined to own Diary notes gives a new view on the components of life.

The example in this quadrant is imaginary, but similar to cases seen often.

  • One might be enjoying the work, and still it can cause stress load. Positive stress is a driving force, but harmful when going on for a long time. In the below example the work is illustrated with a suitcase. The stress load here is very high – 74 – on the Moodmetric scale from 1 to 100. Self perceived mood is positive; the person is enthusiastic.

  • The Moodmetric level indicates family as a source of relatively heavy load (62) in this example. Self perceived mood is quite negative, which might be due to boom years or small / teenage children combined with demanding work.
  • The person in this example sleeps badly. The Moodmetric level during sleep should ideally be much lower. In addition the sleep quality is estimated not very good. Sleep is the most important part of recovery. Not sleeping well is a sign of disturbed balance. 
  • Sports brings recovery as is perceived positive. The person might take walks in nature, which is a good choice having heavy load in other areas of life.
From insights to change

Above is just an example, but real life for many. The Moodmetric measurement gives a good picture of what a person´s total load consists of – what parts of life generate stress (and it is positive or negative) and what bring recovery.

The Moodmetric ring is available for purchase for organizations at our web shop

  • Detects stress levels by measuring electrodermal activity  / skin conductivity
  • Real-time measurement on a smart phone screen (iOS and Android)
  • The app supports long term stress management
  • Battery life ~ 1 week
  • Sizes: XS: 16mm/US5.5 – S: 17mm/US6 – M:18.5mm/US8.5 – L: 20mm/US10 – XL:21.5mm/US12
New features in the Moodmetric app
  • Possibility to add own Diary notes & Calendar integration
  • Powerful quadrant illustration to support better stress management
  • Practice feature now available also for Android
  • The Moodmetric mobile app is free and available from AppStore and GooglePlay
  • The Moodmetric cloud service makes is possible to store the data in web

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The Moodmetric Ring and App

The Moodmetric ring and the app are the simplest solution to measure stress and recovery. Moodmetric services are aimed at high performing individuals who want to learn to balance stress effectively.

The Moodmetric measurement service

The Moodmetric measurement service is offered for companies that want to actively prevent excessive stress within organization. The measurement periods range from 2 to 8 eight weeks and can be complemented with assisting services.

Stress data analytics

Together with our research partners we are actively looking to better understand data gathered from continuous stress management. The Moodmetric ring allows long term stress measurement which gives a completely unique tool for scientists and research institutes. Stress can now be viewed against other tangible data like productivity, health data and environmental information.

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Vigofere Oy - Y: 2579026-4

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Jari Jussila, CIO

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