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Pre-sales of the renewed Moodmetric ring has started

The Moodmetric pre-sales campaign is ongoing.

The Moodmetric ring is only available at the Moodmetric webshop.
The deliveries are estimated to being at the end of November 2017.

The renewed Moodmetric ring
  • Splash proof, you can wash your hands while wearing the ring
  • Longer battery life
  • Beautifully finished silver coated steel band
  • More color options: black, dark turquoise, plum and silver grey
  • More sizes: XS: 16mm/US5.5 – S: 17mm/US6 – M:18.5mm/US8.5 – L: 20mm/US10 – XL:21.5mm/US12
New features in the Moodmetric app
  • Possibility to add own Diary notes & Calendar integration
  • Powerful quadrant illustration to support better stress management
  • Practice feature now available also for Android
  • The Moodmetric mobile app is free and available from AppStore and GooglePlay
  • The Moodmetric cloud service makes is possible to store the data in web
The Moodmetric measurement detects early signs of chronic stress

Stress is difficult to recognize and admit to self. Understanding stress and recovery better is a key to maintaining energy for productive work and a happy and balanced free time.

Managing stress starts from a personal insight. Relevant and objective data helps to see the big picture of our lives.

The Moodmetric ring and app are the simplest solution to measure stress and recovery. The measurement gives accurate and real-time data on the fluctuating stress levels. The ring and app are easy to use and enable measurement in long term. Several weeks´ measurement gives the best tool to manage stress and recovery effectively.



The Moodmetric cloud service is now available. View stress now with an IoT solution, created together with Polku Innovations.

More information:

The Moodmetric cloud service opens

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The Moodmetric Ring and App

The Moodmetric ring and the app are the simplest solution to measure stress and recovery. Moodmetric services are aimed at high performing individuals who want to learn to balance stress effectively.

The Moodmetric measurement service

The Moodmetric measurement service is offered for companies that want to actively prevent excessive stress within organization. The measurement periods range from 2 to 8 eight weeks and can be complemented with assisting services.

Stress data analytics

Together with our research partners we are actively looking to better understand data gathered from continuous stress management. The Moodmetric ring allows long term stress measurement which gives a completely unique tool for scientists and research institutes. Stress can now be viewed against other tangible data like productivity, health data and environmental information.

Read more about Moodmetric and Research




Niina Venho

Niina Venho

Sales, R&D, partnerships

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Henna Salonius

Henna Salonius

Sales, corporate wellbeing programs

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Jari Jussila

Jari Jussila

Research programs, data-analytics

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Vigofere Oy - Y: 2579026-4

Vigofere Oy - Y: 2579026-4

[email protected]

c/o HealthHub, Biokatu 6, 33520, Tampere, Finland


User Guide for the new versio of the ring and app
User Guide
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At Moodmetric we strongly believe in partnerships. When experts join their forces, can ideas turn to best possible services for our customers.

Below we present companies that are important to us. Open dialogue and trust have been the starting point for these collaborations.


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