New team member at Moodmetric


We are excited to announce having a new team member, Jari Jussila, who joined Moodmetric in August.

Jari is a keen researcher interested to understand better the human behaviour, using latest technology both in collecting and analysing the data. Lately the focus has been on knowledge workers’ productivity and well-being.

  “We can collect enormous amounts of data automatically, practically every mouse click. What has not been straightforward at all, is the human factor. How does the person react and feel? The Moodmetric measurement opens a huge new window, where real-time stress measurement can be added to other gathered data. I am really happy to be part of this team, to build something surprising together!”, says Jari. 

Jari holds a Ph.D. in technology and is specialized in data analytics. His previous work and publications entail advanced studies in Big Data, analytics in business development and social media.