Moodmetric features: Scope and Wearing the ring

MoodScope curve

Scope tells about the instantaneous reactions of the wearer. When you feel something, your autonomous nervous system reacts and small changes can be measured from your skin.

The Moodmetric Ring detects the changes that can be followed online with the smartphone app. All the reactions cause an upward jump on the Scope, the bigger the emotion, the higher the curve goes. The physical response delay is 1.5 seconds, so the jump is visible 1.5 s after seeing a ghost…

What causes a reaction?

Apart from getting scared by ghosts, everything you see, feel, hear or taste causes an emotional reaction. The biggest instantaneous reactions come from surprises but an awaited chorus of your favorite song can similarly cause a strong reaction.

You can increase your self-awareness by understanding the level of reactions on different matters.

How to wear the Moodmetric ring

Just like any other ring! You can wear it in any finger you prefer and fits the best.

For an accurate reading you might slide the ring upwards a little bit, as the best reading comes from the soft area below the joint. The ring reads from the palm side so you need to check that it fits well there. The ring should not roll but does not have to be very tight either.

For a quick trial the ring can simply be worn between the thumb and index finger, so that reading area touches the palmar side of the index finger.

 How to pair the ring with the Moodmetric app

When opening the app for the first time you need to pair your ring (this is done only once).

1) Go the menu (press the left upper corner).

2) Wait for the app to find your ring and then select your ring from the list.

Pairing Moodmetric Ring

3) Push “Connect” from the left below corner.

Now you’re ready to check your Scope!

If you would like to unpair your ring just follow the above steps and push “Forget” instead of “Connect”.

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