Moodmetric features: MoodFlower

Moodmetric day viewMoodFlower is the emotional picture of your day. It shows your emotional intensity on a clock face, starting from 6am till 6pm, and the same for the evening and night. You can switch between the views from the icon in the middle. By swiping left or right you can also move between days.

The more intense the feeling (it can be joy, excitement, stress, anger and so on) the closer to the edge of the circle the figure reaches. The color also indicates the intensity ranging from calm yellow to green, purple and finally red.

The lowest intensities are usually experienced when you’re meditating, sleeping or doing other relaxation exercises. In red areas you are feeling intensely, this corresponds to the Moodmetric number 80 and above.

Whether the emotions are positive or negative, they cannot be detected with Moodmetric. A calm moment can be negative and a strong emotion can be positive – that is for you to acknowledge as a user.

Intense feelings are often thought to be negative. With Moodmetric you pay attention to red zones independent of the reason, because long periods of intense emotions wear you down. An intense flow feeling at work needs a break at some point, too.

What the ring tells you is measured data that you can use to analyse your days and weeks. Always on a red zone at noon? (Better not skip lunches) Or Wed 2pm? That might be the meeting with the demanding client!

This information might help you to prepare differently for the challenges of the week. Or you may want to add calm moments to periods with high emotional load. For me, working late means going to the red zone at some point – a good time to close the day.

Moodmetric month viewThe ring stores information for MoodFlower up to 280 hours. You do not have to carry your phone with you, the ring works totally independenty. Just open the app to upload the data or check your current emotional level (Scope).

The metrics below the MoodFlower in the app are useful additional info: why not set yourself a target to have e.g.180 calm minutes during your workday?

In the month tab, you´ll see each day with your average intensity color. Again, it is a good way to get an overview of your days and weeks. If my life is measurably too hectic, can I change something in it?

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