Mood and Myself

Am I entitled to good moods or doomed to endless worries and stress? Many times it feels I can´t enjoy my time too much, because people and the things around me are not in a optimal state. The car needs repair, the pile of work deliverables is too high, mother´s birthday party is yet to be organized – and the kids – their needs are acute, end-of-the-world type and expressed very loudly.

Where can the happy me be in the middle of this? How to switch to a good mood after someone spilled juice on clean laundry – or even stay in good mood while it happens. Impossible. And as to having a wider scope; there is so much suffering in the world, I do deserve to have my daily load of cry, being late, having trouble of all sorts and as a consequence – bad mood. The most I can do is to hope the next day will be brighter.

But what if those seemingly happier people are right when their advice is to find the things you enjoy, bring them into your life, take a moment to yourself and stand above the little nuisances that will evidently happen? Should I give it a try?

The sun just started shining (it really did), I take it as a sign and decide to apply some new approaches today: I will walk outside for at least 20 minutes, not hurrying. I will enjoy a good lunch – in peace, if possible. If things at work do not go well, I will regardless find two positive things that day. If the kids get a hysterical attack, I will sneak out to my chocolate stash and have a small piece. Then I hold them and sing them their favorite songs until they calm down.

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