Can I benefit of measuring emotions at work?

In November I was in and event to speak about emotions at work, and how uncontrolled behavior is no longer tolerated at workplace. The cost of abusive supervision – that is bad bosses – is about $23,5 billion annually for US enterprises. Companies are now looking for people that are emotionally balanced, people that are aware of themselves and understand how it would feel to be in the shoes of someone else.

A few weeks after that event, I heard that two of my friends have been yelled at by their superiors. Both are academic people with significant achievement in their respective organisations, and had never faced anything like that. They were among other things loudly blamed for things they could not affect, after the bosses had to face unpleasant consequences of their own decisions. Things had quickly come so far, that both of them were planning to quit their jobs.

People behaving badly are a burden. Their mood affects others and it is never anything positive. Many of the issues at workplace, especially stress and depression, are partly deriving from unacceptable behavior by a colleague or a supervisor. Bad bosses soon find their best people gone, as they are the ones having options elsewhere.

Self-awareness  is the first step in growing emotional intelligence. How do I feel, how do I behave, what evokes emotions in me? Learning to calm down in a hectic situation, and seeing the people behind the matters in hand are valuable tools for a manager. Sometimes things are just very difficult at work and unexpected things happen. Loosing self-control makes the chaos worse, and suddenly no-one works for the common good. A simple “Could we discuss this?” is often the best problem solving tool.

We are made of carbon, water and emotions. Emotions play a huge role in our private, but also business lives. Emotions at work can again heavily affect our private lives, possibly bringing and extra burden to our free time.

The Moodmetric ring is designed to help you to become more self-aware. Simply by wearing the ring you can measure what makes you react, what makes you feel intensely. A great benefit is to clearly see what makes you calm you mind. If you have sometimes trouble in controlling your emotions, you can learn what is the best way to be a master of the situation.

The Moodmetric ring also measures meditation and mindfulness exercises. You will get a score of your calming break and see how it affects the rest of your working day.

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