Diamonds are forever

Jewelry has always meant a lot for the mankind. Pendants, earrings and bands have had special powers from the early days of our existence.

Wearable technology has brought those features back to jewelry. They are not just decoration, they give the wearer something in addition. The Moodmetric ring protects the wearer – from excess stress! If not having mystic healing powers, it gives relevant information regarding your wellbeing.

The electronics inside Moodmetric has been miniatyrized so much, that important functions can be fitted inside a stone that is comparable to any festive ring. The original designer Vesa Nilsson has made the form that is sleek and attractive.

The functionality allows the top cover designed in a thousand ways. Moodmetric was happy to collaborate with another famous Helsinki based jewelry designer Tina Tillander, who was keen to combine precious stones with the original design.

How pretty they came out..

TT_ruskja musta_kapyl

Atelier Torbjörn Tillander – Tina Tillander


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