Boys’ poker night out

What does a Texas hold’em night look like in the eyes of the autonomic nervous system? That’s a question I decided to find out with my Moodmetric, since I was going anyway. Moodmetric is a ring that measures your autonomic responces through electrical skin conductance. Some of my friends seemed to think this was cheating, but I explained that this is in the name of “science”.


This looks like a winning hand, let’s bet carefully


Yes, a pair of nines in the hand can sometimes bring in some chips

The first game was all suffering. No cards to play with and my bluffs didn’t work at all. It seems that in a table of twelve guys, someone always has good cards, which results in confident betting. I ended up putting it all in and losing it a full hour before the heads up!

In the second game, half of the guys were more interested in the Eurovision song contest, and only five were left playing. Suits me. A won hand early in the game left me with a big stack, which gave me a free ride for the next hour. Careful betting and checking worked. To my surprise, I was left in the heads up after some reckless all-ins of my pals. The heads up worked out for me, but in all fairness, it could have turned out in both ways.

In the name of science, I recorded all of this with Moodmetric. See my game flower with comments below!


My game flower in the Moodmetric App. Bigger radius means higher autonomic activation


OMG two pairs takes it all!

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