The Moodmetric measurement only compares to yourself

The Moodmetric measurement only compares to yourself

You are an individual. So is your physiology. You might not be a mainstreamer when looking at your physiology or psychological features. This is why the Moodmetric measurement has been ...
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two dimensional view on the workplace wellbeing, Moodmetric

You can measure your position at the two-dimensional view of workplace wellbeing

It possible to burn out of a dream job. For years you gave all your energy and full passion to the work, you thought you could carry on forever. Suddenly ...
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Recent research shows that the Moodmetric ring is an accurate tool for measuring EDA

Prediction of Self-Perceived Stress and Arousal Based on Electrodermal Activity – a paper by Tomppa Pakarinen, Julia Pietilä and Hannu Nieminen has been presented at the European Biomedical Conference EMBC ...
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A Moodmetric blog post: Measuring stress levels in real time motivates to pay attention to mental load every day

Measuring in real time motivates to pay attention to mental load every day

Feedback plays a big role when we want to focus on our well-being. Measuring in real time shows our stressors and things that help us recover without a delay. There ...
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Moodmetric-blogi: IOnko vastuu työuupumuksen ennaltaehkäisyssä työnantajalla vai työntekijällä?

Is preventing burnout the responsibility of the employer or the employee?

As a young team leader, it was difficult for me to understand family life. Having no kids, I could spend a lot of my time and energy on work, since ...
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The Moodmetric level correlates with cortisol level

Moodmetric technology shows great promise in identifying stress levels in a work environment

The detrimental effects of chronic stress are gaining increasing attention. In addition to human suffering, stress has economic impact and long-term consequences on society and people in general. Moodmetric is ...
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Moodmetric smart ring is a Finnish invention

Moodmetric smart ring – Finnish know-how at its best

The Moodmetric smart ring is a prime example of Finnish innovation in the area of health technology. Vigofere Oy was set up as a company five years ago to commercialize ...
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Moodmetric wellbeing project at Lempäälä high school showed the stress levels both of the pupils and the teachers

A high school wellbeing project aimed at better self awareness with a physiological stress measurement

In Lempäälä high school, Finland, a large wellbeing project has been initiated. It aims to give the students practical tools to manage both their physical and mental wellbeing better. The ...
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The Moodmetric app diagrams give a clear visual presentation of the user's stress levels

Good start to stress management

The starting level and objectives in stress management are as important as when maintaining physical condition. An employer wishes that every employee is with good health and well-being for the ...
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HERE Technologies is showing the way also in stress management

The Tampere unit provides the Moodmetric measurement to the whole crew. The measurement is done in co-operation with the occupational healthcare. HERE Technologies is a global company providing mapping and location ...
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Attention and focus relieve stress

Do you study stress, attention or customer experience?

The Moodmetric measurement gives real time and accurate data on the sympathetic nervous system activation. Use cases below give a snapshot on how the Moodmetric ring can be used to ...
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A Moodmetric blow pic - a Physician

PART 5: The Moodmetric measurement and preventive occupational health care

Stress is a good thing, it is a driving force keeping us active and productive. However, excessive strain can lead to overload. Chronic stress is a state where stress outweighs ...
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The Moodmetric real-time curve and the Moodmetric level

PART 4: Measuring stress with the Moodmetric ring and understanding the data

The Moodmetric smart ring measures stress  in real time. It is a user-friendly way to capture electrodermal activity (EDA), which tells about the activation of the sympathetic nervous system. This ...
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Measurement - a Moodmetric blow pic

PART 3: Tools for long term and continuous stress measurement

Accurate, measured data of stress levels helps in preventing chronic stress. Long term and continuous stress measurement is possible with user friendly methods that fit daily to life. Stress measured ...
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PART 2: Chronic stress – The brain concludes that we are continuously in danger

Stress is a natural reaction of the body. It makes us act. Chronic stress in turn is an unwanted state where the brain concludes that we are under threat. The ...
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PART 1: Fight or flight response

Our bodies do not let us down when faced with a life-endangering situation. They prepare us for the fight with the many means available to us as a result of ...
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A photo of E. Tuomi for a Moodmetric blow post

Horse therapy – A guest post by Esmeralda Tuomi

The Moodmetric measurement has proven that horse riding really is an effective way for me to focus and lower my stress levels. For the past month or so I have ...
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Moodmetric blog pic

Electrodermal activity measurement provides athletes with new information

Different kinds of physiological measurement systems have been used for a long time in top sports. Wearable devices have made exercise tracking easy for everyone. Heart rate monitoring is the ...
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Moodmetric Diary and Analytics features

Moodmetric app now with Diary and more

The Moodmetric ring and app are for better stress management. The app is a simple and visual tool that helps the user to understand and react to stressful things in ...
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Moodmetric cloud service

The Moodmetric cloud service is now open

The Moodmetric cloud service is now open. The Moodmetric app data can be uploaded to cloud by obtaining cloud credentials. The cloud service enables easy follow-up of the measurement trends ...
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