Find the balance between work and free time – excitement, stress and recovery are all part of a good life

The Moodmetric measurement helps you to recognize your stressors and what makes you relax. You will find your individual ways to manage stress. You will learn to balance your autonomic nervous system to feel and perform better. The Moodmetric smart ring is a powerful tool for preventive stress management.

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The Moodmetric smart ring and app motivate you to make better choices for your own wellbeing every day

The ring detects stress levels by measuring electrodermal activity  / skin conductivity (EDA). Read more.

  • Real-time measurement on a smart phone screen (iOS and Android)
  • Battery life ~ 1 week
  • Sizes: XS: 16mm/US5.5 – S: 17mm/US6 – M:18.5mm/US8.5 – L: 20mm/US10 – XL:21.5mm/US12

Find the balance between work and free time - excitement, stress and recovery are all part of a good life

Moodmetric is for daily life, researchers and health care professionals

The EDA measurement gives a good picture on fluctuating stress levels. The results can be high during hectic periods in our lives. Even small changes may add recovery to the days, and the measurement shows which actions are most efficient.

The Moodmetric smart ring is also a tool for researchers and health care professionals. It suits well both to real-time observation of stress reactions and long term field research.

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Moodmetric partners

Moodmetric-measurement is a tool for preventive stress management

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The Moodmetric Ring and App

The Moodmetric ring and the app are the simplest solution to measure stress and recovery. Moodmetric services are aimed at high performing individuals who want to learn to balance stress effectively.

The Moodmetric measurement service

The Moodmetric measurement service is offered for companies that want to actively prevent excessive stress within organization. The measurement periods range from 2 to 8 eight weeks and can be complemented with assisting services.

Stress data analytics

Together with our research partners we are actively looking to better understand data gathered from continuous stress management. The Moodmetric ring allows long term stress measurement which gives a completely unique tool for scientists and research institutes. Stress can now be viewed against other tangible data like productivity, health data and environmental information.

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Vigofere Oy is a Finnish health tech company behind the Moodmetric products and services.


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