The Moodmetric ring is a non-obtrusive device that allows long term EDA (electrodermal activity) measurement with a large group of individuals in field research.

The Moodmetric measurement can be viewed real-time on a smartphone screen, or optionally on desktop. The ring stores data to enable off-line use. Downloading the data from the ring to the phone can be done when opening the app.

This totally mobile tool with instant visual feedback gives a completely unique way to understand arousal. The Moodmetric ring especially detects emotional and cognitive stress. With the Moodmetric cloud service this physiological data can be viewed against data like productivity, health data and environmental information.

The Moodmetric cloud service

From the mobile app it is possible to download the data to the Moodmetric cloud. The cloud enables long term remote monitoring, and uploading the data from the cloud to further analysis in csv or excel format.

Software developer KIT

The Moodmetric SDK allows everyone to develop their own application using the Moodmetric measurement data. To ensure operation of 3rd party applications in any mobile platform or computer operating system, Moodmetric provides interface documentation directly to the ring. The platform running the 3rd party application must be Bluetooth smart ready. You get for instance:

The Instant indicator

The Instant indicator is a fast indicator on how the person reacts to different stimuli. These can be what you see, hear, smell or sense by touch at a certain moment. The response can be seen as an upward spike, which starts approximately after 1.5 seconds after the stimulus and peaks approximately after 2.5-3.0 seconds

The Moodmetric index

The Moodmetric Index / The MM level is a continuous indicator on the wearer´s stress level during last minutes. The MM number is always between 0 and 100, and moves slowly. MM number is comparable among different users.

Access raw data with the Windows PC logging software

The Moodmetric ring does not store raw data. It can only be viewed with live streaming. For this purpose we have developed a the Windows PC logging software that works with a BLE dongle.

Contact [email protected] to access the SDK or the logging software.

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